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FAQ - Dulcis Logistics


How I rent a car ?

You can rent our vehicles either by calling our sales and marketing team 

Phone number:  +234 802 332 7335

Email : Id@dulcislogistics.com

Car Availability

We will try our best to meet our service agreement. However, please note that vehicle availability depends on our vehicle daily movement inventory


We have standard and flexible rates depending on the type of vehicle and our flexible fuel preference -your fuel or our fuel.

Service Hours

Our standard service hours start from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Clients that request their chauffeur to arrive after 8:00am do so at their sole discretion as we cannot extend service hour beyond normal service hours or 6:00pm. Should you request for early/late airport pick up or drop off, that can be easily arrange, provided we receive booking not less than 48hrs before pickup/ drop-off.

After Service Hours: Our after service hour runs from 6:01pm till 11:00pm with an hourly fee depending on the location

Out of Town Service: We provide out of town service around our operational location. Please get in touch with us for more information regarding our out of town service.

Fuel Policy

We have flexible fuel policy. You can either choose between fuelling the vehicle yourself or use our fuel. Please note that our daily rate varies depending on who fuels the vehicle. Should you fuel the vehicle, we will bill you a considerable daily rate excluding fuel. And should we fuel the vehicle, we will bill you a standard fuel inclusive rate. Please note that the fuel inclusive rate ONLY applies to service in Lagos proper. Where a Client is fully responsible for all fuel/gas/petrol charges/fees throughout the duration of using our car hire service, it is the clients’ obligation to take note of the starting fuel gauge immediately upon pick-up in order to return same fuel gauge upon return of the vehicle or completion of service.  At no time, through the duration of the rental should the fuel gauge fall below the range of a quarter (1/4) tank to avoid costly damages to the vehicle. 

Car Availability

Smoking Policy

We operate a no smoking policy in our vehicle

Where can i take the car and where can i return it ?

Payment must be make prior to upon pick-up by your chauffeur on your first day of service or immediately after pickup.   Please speak to our customer service team regarding mode of payment and should have any issue making payment before or after your pickup or drop.

What are methods of payment for car rental service ?

We have a flexible payment options.  Please call our customer service unit for more information about our payment option  . 

Can I change the car after reservation or can I cancel my booking ?

We offer free cancellation within 7 days of making your reservation. You can also make any amendments to your reservation up until 48 hours before your pick-up. Should you wish to cancel your reservation less than 48hrs, a fee maybe charge depending on the circumstances?

What should i do if car breaks down ?

Our topmost priority is to ensure that you arrive your destination comfortably and safely. All our vehicles are fit for purpose and are with roadworthiness certification .    However,  I event of breakdown .  Please call us immediately on the phone number below:

Phone : +234 802 332 7335

Can I hire a vehicle outside Lagos , Port Harcourt or Abuja?

Yes . You can contact our sales and marketing team for more information regarding vehicle hire outside our operational areas .   

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